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LPD launches mosquito spraying program earlier than expected

Laurel, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department has decided to take action and initiate its seasonal mosquito spraying program.

Animal/Mosquito Control supervisor, Yolanda Powe said, "It's moving up a little bit earlier due to the conditions of the rainy season. The temperatures have been a little bit higher. That's the breeding season for the mosquito's. We need it below 50 degrees for the mosquito's to not be able to breed and survive."

Usually the program starts in April. But because LPD will start the program earlier, the department will have to spend an extra $3500.

Powe said "we have two trucks that go out five days a week, Monday through Friday. And they usually start at dusk and they spray a few hours at night and cover the entire city within that week."

Powe explained why this program is important for people of the community.

Powe said "its important because it can become a serious illness. Sometimes you can get the West Nile and maybe have just a few symptoms. But some people have severe symptoms and it can be life-threatening."

Powe said people can have a better chance of avoiding mosquito bites by wearing clothing that covers the skin, such as long sleeves shirts or pants.

The program will be effective starting on March 21.



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