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Seminary police loses $5,000 worth of equipment during flood

SEMINARY, Miss - The Seminary Police Department lost some of their most important gear, while attempting to save a 72-year old man from the floods last week.

Five officers were on the Okatoma river when their boat capsized after hitting a fallen tree.

The officers were in the river for an hour waiting for a second rescue team.

Chief Michael Kelly said, "Yeah five people went down with it, they had on their personal flotation devices, they have on rescue equipment. They did the best job they could for themselves until responders could get to them, but all of that equipment had to be left behind."

The department reports they lost about $5,000 worth of communication gear, life saving equipment, and weapons, which is now sitting in the bottom of the river.

If you would like to donate to the department, you can call Seminary City Hall at (601) 722-3205.



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