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Petal police department receives donated triage kits

PETAL, Miss - An anonymous civilian donated trauma kits worth $1,300 to the Petal Police department through the Project Triage program.

Miranda Williams of the Petal Police department said, "Thank you very much, each officer is greatly appreciative of this. It is something that every officer should have and they need it on their persons at all times."

The department received 26 trauma kits for their officers and 2 kits for their K9 officers.

"Each officer has a peace of mind now because they will be able to treat themselves in case of an emergency until an ambulance arrives. These kits can also be used on a civilian, if we went to a call where their was substantial blood loss an officer has been trained to use them" said Williams.

Each trauma kit is specificially designed for law enforcement and is small enough to fit inside a police officer's ballistic vest for quick access.



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