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Guns in Church?

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Members of the state senate committee passed a bill Thursday that will allow people to carry guns in church.

Joshua Generation pastor, Rev. Brandiilyne Mangum-Dear said, "Being the Pastor of a LGBTQ open and affirming church and with recent church shootings, I am not opposed to having a well-trained and licensed security staff who discretely carry a weapon to ensure the safety of the congregation. However, I think that Mississippi has made a huge mistake by allowing just anyone to carry a gun in the church.The social climate in the south is unstable at best! Considering the debates over the State flag, LGBTQ adoption, and the recent religious freedom acts that allow discrimination in the name of religion, this could quickly turn into a volatile situation and prove to be tragic. I pray that I am wrong..."

This bill would change the state law by allowing concealed weapons in holsters or sheaths as opposed to having the weapons in handbags or satchels.

Each member of a place of worship would have to have a concealed carry permit and take firearms training from someone with a law enforcement or military background before having legal protection.

Anyone convicted of a violent felony or who is mentally unstable would not qualify for a concealed carry permit.



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