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Mississippi ranks number one for largest pollen count in U.S.

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The start of Spring brings beautiful flowers, but when there is flowers, there is pollen.

St. Michael's Urgent Care's Nurse Practioner, Michelle Mcleod said, "Regardless of where you are in Mississippi you are going to have a volume of patients with allergies."

Jackson, Mississippi was ranked the number one city in the United States for its large pollen count by

It is no surprise that you may have seen pollen sitting on top of you car. "That is when you start to see the influx of patients coming in with runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, head congestion, just not feeling well at all" Mcleod said.

Even though Mississippi has one of the largest pollen counts, allergies are easily treatable.

"First of all avoiding triggers, that really is the number one encouragement that a patient can do on their own, then we go to antihistamines. The body is responing to releasing histamines so an antihistamine is to shut that down" Mcleod added.

You can visit for your daily pollen forecast in your area.



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