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Mississippians endured a crazy month of rain

Lamar County, Miss. - This month alone, we have gone through a various amount of severe weather and now Governor Phil Bryant has requested President Barack Obama to issue a major disaster declaration.

James Smith, Lamar County Emergency Management Agency director said, "It was a very wet March indeed. With the localized heavy rain we got on that particular day on the Friday March 11. Definitely saw a lot of road closures. I think we had 46 road closures that one day alone. There was substantial houses on the individual assistance side that I think warrants a declaration for that and then the infrastructure for the public assistance side was definitely warranted on that side as well. I would definitely compare it to Hurricane Katrina for sure."

According to reports, more than 1800 homes have been affected by the severe weather and more than 50 homes have sustained major damage.

Smith said 12 homes were damaged in Lamar County and it is a wait and see game if Lamar County will be included in the declaration.



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