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Lamar Co. residents can face a stiffer penalty for littering

Lamar County, Miss. - Lamar County citizens are going to have to be a little less carefree when it comes to littering.

Lamar County officials have noticed a consistent problem of littering and have implemented a system that they hope will limit the amount that happens in the county.

Phillip Carlisle, Lamar County District Forest Supervisor said, "We actually voted on the ordinance on March 7, puts a little more teeth in our existing ordinance. We're going to go through bags of garbage, we're going to look for addresses, we're going to look for people that are in violation. We're just going to clean our county up. We just want it cleaner. We want a more attractive Lamar County and we're going to take steps to make sure it happens."

Carlisle said that a first-time offender will be fined $100, a second-time offender can be fined up to $500, and a third-time offender can be fined up to $1,000.



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