LPD gets a new K-9

Laurel, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department has been short staffed for a while now, but now things are starting to look promising for one of its departments.

John Stringer, Laurel Police Department K-9 Officer said, "Well we've been without a dog for a few months now. We retired one of our dogs, so we try to keep one per shift. We have four patrol shifts and out of the four patrol shifts, we only have three dogs so, one shift is without a K-9."

The Laurel Police Department has been happy all week, because Laurel City Council approved the department to purchase a new K-9 dog.

Stringer said "the primary purpose is apprehension, trying to do justice in apprehending a felon and using them to search for narcotics."

Stringer said the 100 Club helped fund the department to get the new K-9.

Stringer said "we have been looking at dogs. I believe we have made a selection, but it's not official yet. The dog itself will be within the next two weeks, we'll probably have that selection made."

After LPD selects its new K-9, there will be some intensive, but fun training for the new K-9 and handler.

Stringer said "the training itself for the new dog and handler will be just basically teaching him how to care for the dog, familiarizing himself with how to work the dog in a police setting. When he gets on the street with that dog, he by far won't be finished out, but he'll have enough knowledge to be able to work that dog in the street at that time."

Stringer said it will take about two months for the new K-9 dog and handler to be out in the streets.

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