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Mayor DuPree is beginning a fundraiser to help out the citizens of Flint, Michigan

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Many people throughout the country and around the world know about the water issues that Flint, Michigan has.

Hattiesburg Mayor, Johnny DuPree has figured out a way to help out the citizens of Flint, Michigan a little differently than others have recently done.

DuPree said "what we are setting out to do is to raise enough money to buy 1,000 water filters and the company we're going to purchase them from, if we buy 1,000 water filters, then that company will donate 1,000. And then we're actually going to take a group from Hattiesburg to Flint, Michigan to help install and do some other things. Another thing we're doing also is there are some foods that will counteract the effects of lead poisoning and so we're going to be collecting those kinds of food items and taking those with us."

DuPree said that there will be a public statement about this sometime in the near future and in order to purchase 1,000 water filters, the City of Hattiesburg will need to raise $55,000 in order to do so.



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