Two suspects steal an ATM machine from a local gas station

Collins, Miss. - Two people decided to stop at a Junior Food Mart in Collins, but they did not get gas or food.

Collins Police Chief, Joseph Ponder said, "It was around 2:48 a.m. Friday morning. A pickup truck backed into the gas station and knocked the ATM loose. They pulled up, grabbed the ATM, put it on the back of the pickup truck and left the scene."

Ponder said "it was two suspects. Both male that we know of. We believe they were both Black males and that's pretty much all we have right now."

The Collins Police Department was able to obtain the surveillance video from the Junior Food Mart.

Ponder said the investigation is still ongoing and if you know of any details, please call the Collins Police Department.

The department is still working to find leads to identify and find the brazen thieves.

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