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Disability Awareness Day

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Disability Awareness week is upon us, but the City of Hattiesburg took matters into its own hands and made Wednesday Disability Awareness Day.

Hattiesburg Mayor, Johnny DuPree said, "This is Disability Awareness Week and we are celebrating it today. We're bringing in all of our resources here in this one facility today, so that those with disabilities can understand that there are resources out there for them."

The City of Hattiesburg wants to make sure that everyone is treated fairly no matter if they have a disability or not.

DuPree said "we have a disability coordinator. We're the first in the state to have a disability coordinator. That's how much that means to us here to make sure that we provide the services for all the citizens of Hattiesburg."

Forrest General Hospital, USM’s Institute for Disability Studies, United Healthcare, and many more institutions were at C.E. Roy Community Center to provide resources for people who are in need.

La’Keylah White, Director of Federal and State Programs said, "Disabilities affect so many people. Mental disabilities, physical disabilities. Actually my mother and my brother both had disabilities so it's something that's so near and dear to my heart."

DuPree said he wants people who may have disabilities to feel they are equal and that they are not alone in this community.



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