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Slippery roads causes accidents around the Pine Belt

PINE BELT, Miss - The heavy rainfall caused a handful of minor and major accidents this morning.

The 60 mph winds left some trees falling to the ground on southbound Interstate 59. Two vehicles were driving when multiples trees left their roots.

Lieutenant Jon Traxler of the Hattiesburg Police Department (HPD) said, "The two vehicles tried to avoid them and they did strike the tree not causing very much damage."

Both vehicles ran off the road and got stuck, however both drivers were able to move the vehicle and drove them off unharmed.

Even law enforcement officers are not immune to wet roads. Deputy Brennon Chancellor of the Jones County Sheriff's Department left his accident on Highway 11 unscathed.

Deputy Chancellor's vehicle hydroplaned off the road and hit a power line.

Major Jamie Tedford of the Jones County Sheriff' Department said, "We are all very glad that Brennon is okay. The wreck itself was a very bad wreck and one most folks don't walk away from unharmed."

Deputy Chancellor was taken to the hospital and was immediately released.

"His seatbelt saved him from serious injury, but God saved his life" added Major Tedford.

Mississippi Power turned off the surrounding electricity prior to removing the vehicle due to active electricity currents. Power was turned back on in the area around noon.

Law enforcement officials want to remind the public about the dangers or traveling on wet roads.

Lt. Traxler said, "We just ask the public if they see water over the roadway, use extreme caution, we would rather them turn around, go a different route than take a chance of getting flooded out or possibly drowning."



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