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Fully involved house fire in Jones county

JONES COUNTY, Miss - This is a press release from Jones County.

Today may be April Fools Day but for the residents of 47 Russell Lane, their mobile home burning to the ground was certainly no joke.

At 10:14 Friday morning, units from district 5 volunteer fire departments were dispatched to a fully involved structure fire involving a mobile home.

Upon arrival, units discovered the front half of the home completely engulfed in fire and smoke.

After several minutes of working to extinguish the flames, Firefighters were finally able to bring the fire under control. However, the home is a total loss with only one small section near the back still intact, though completely ruined by smoke and heat damage related to the fire. At this time, there is no known cause that started the blaze.

According the homeowner, Dale McDonald, he had left his home for no more than ten minutes to pay his utility bill. Upon returning to the house, he and other occupants of the home noticed an excessive amount of smoke bellowing from out of the windows.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, Mr. McDonald and others rushed inside the home to rescue their seven dogs that were trapped in the residence. Sadly, they were only able to save three. No other persons or animals were inside when the fire started.

According to reports, Mr. McDonald had no insurance for the home, and will be spending this April Fools Day cleaning up the mess left behind and trying to move forward after losing everything.



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