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HPD involved in police car chase with man wanted in two jurisdictions

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Early Wednesday morning Hattiesburg police arrested, 27, Terrance Dewayne Bolton after a police car chase.

Initially officers stopped Bolton for a routine traffic stop which he did not yield, Bolton drove in high speeds on Hardy Street near downtown.

Lieutenant Jon Traxler said, "The suspect then fled, crashed one time, then started fleeing again. He fled down several streets taking different turns even went through some different yards and different houses."

Officers stopped Bolton when he crashed into a pole on Main and McLeod Street. Bolton was not alone in the vehicle and was accompanied by a pastor who was not charged with anything.

Police found a semi-automatic handgun, what seems to be 30 grams of marijuana and counterfeit money worth $1,000 in the vehicle.

Bolton was driving with a suspended license and is wanted with the Mississippi Department of Corrections and in Mobile, Alabama.

He was charged with driving on a suspended license, fugitive other jurisdiction, controlled substance, possession of marijuana, reckless driving, counterfeit, felony eluding law officer, and weapon possession by convicted felon.

The counterfeit money is being sent to the state lab for testing.

Bolton may also face federal charges.



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