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Laurel Christian high school recognizes hometown heroes

LAUREL, Miss. - The Laurel Christian high school students honored local heroes with a special luncheon Tuesday. The students wanted to show their appreciation of the public servants that are on duty 24/7.

Student Body President, Robert Pickering said, "We appreciate what these public servants do for not only our community but those across America, and so this is kind of a gesture just to show our gratitude."

Public servants in Jones county and Laurel departments gathered together to enjoy the special lunch.

Cardis Pearson of the Laurel Fire department mentioned its an opportunity to bond with the students.

"You know for the simple fact that they are looking up to us, you want young people to come up to us, to come out and talk to us about different things" said Pearson.

The students touched on the everyday situations the uniform men and women go through. They recognized retired Lieutenant Tony Stiles with the Jones County Sheriff's department, who survived multiple gun shots on active duty.

"We gave a gift bag to Lt. Tony Stiles for what he did a few years ago, an act of heroism and we just want to show how thankful we are for officers like him" said Pickering.

Pickering mentioned the students are grateful for their community leaders and their mission in helping the community .



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