Running behind, pushing the tax deadline

SEMINARY, Miss. - Today is not your regular Monday, its the deadline to file your taxes by midnight, making Mondays even more longer.

American Tax Service in Seminary shares the many encounters of why people procrastinate every year to file their taxes.

Tax Representative Mary Walters said, "What you hear the most is I have not gotten all of my stuff together, they know they are to owe some money, people do not want to send it until the last minute, or there are those individuals who simply do not have money to pay for their taxes."

She mentioned some people cannot pay for their taxes simply because of the economic transitions the economy is facing, the Affordable Care Act being one of those factors.

"There are individuals especially those who are self-employed, who went to the market place and obtained insurance and it was based on their projected income, some of they make more. So they had to pay back the government for that assistance on their coverage" said Walters.

Walters encourages people to file their taxes as soon as possible as the interest rates for the penalty raises every day.

"Some people think that by filing an extension that, that there solves there problem. No. Filing an extension simply gives you permission to file late, it does not cut back on any penalties in interest" said Walters.

Not surprisingly, every year Walter says people do not learn their lesson as she still schedules appointments days after.

Walter said, "I already have people scheduled coming in tomorrow and we have explained to them that it is not going to cut it."

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