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5th Quarter Festival

Hattiesburg, Miss. - In the period between the Black and Gold game and the huge baseball game against Rice on Saturday, the University of Southern Miss hosted the 5th Quarter Festival.

USM student, Xavier Howard said, "So what's going on with the 5th Quarter Festival is just what would happen at a regular game is that the companies here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they bring out samples worth of food and stuff like that, and it's always free. As you can tell, we have people coming from all around Mississippi to just talk to the players that might come out here later on and talk to the cheerleaders that come out here."

People from all ages went to the 5th Quarter Festival to eat free food and just to have a great time in between the football and baseball games.

Howard said "coming out here seeing a whole lot of people, it's like a family atmosphere. You get to relax because finals are coming up. We just got done with midterms, so all of us are stressed out. We're just trying to find a way to chill."

And as Golden Eagle fans transitioned from the festival to the baseball game, these guys just had one more thing to say...

Howard said "I'm just hoping for a shutout. That's all I'm rooting for."

USM student, Robert Hewettle said, "It's simple for me. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I can tell you hey.... swing for the sticks. That's all I can tell you."



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