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USM faculty member earns Patriot Award

Hattiesburg, Miss. -Southern Miss's Institute for Disability Studies has been recognized for its military support.

One employer for the institute received the Patriot Award for her patriotic mind-set and effort to support citizen warriors.

Case manager, Amanda McNeil said, "Because Ms. Cassie Hicks has empowered me, has encouraged me, has shown me more support than any other employer I've ever known. And being able to continue my career in the military as well as my duties as the case manager here, I wanted to nominate her and show her my appreciation and show her my support."

Cassie Hicks, Director of Housing of Institute for Disability Studies said, "It was very rewarding to receive this award. It was very humbling to receive this reward and as I told them yesterday, I have 4/5 of my brothers that was also in the military, three of them now who are deceased, so it was very also emotional on yesterday."

Hicks said she's is very appreciative of McNeil's military service and is proud to have her as one of her employees.



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