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Solar farm to open in Hattiesburg, creates 400 jobs

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Residents will soon see a newly built solar panel farm on Bonhomie Road and the building process will create 400 construction jobs.

Mayor Johnny Dupree said, "Construction is part of how we build our economy and hopefully those 400 jobs will turn many times in our community in terms of sales tax."

It is the first of its kind in the state, Mississippi Power and Silicon Ranch Corporation mentioned the $100 million facility will generate 50 MW, enough electricity to supply power to approximately 6,500 homes.

President and CEO of Silicon Ranch, Matt Kisber said, "It is a symbol to businesses that are looking to come and locate in the Hattiesburg area, that it is a progressive community that is focused on cost effective sustainability."

Forrest County President Board Supervisor, David Hogan mentioned this new facility will produce job opportunities for the Hattiesburg community.

Hogan added newer businesses, such as, Amazon like to build facilities in green cities.

"But the bigger picture is that we are able to attract companies by boasting about having clean coal, natural gas, and now solar electricity" said Hogan.

Soon residents will see a thriving city, but also a drop in their monthly electricity bill.

Mississippi Power Air Quality Manager Tony Smith said, "Yes the price of the energy will put downward rates over the term for all of our customers."

The solar farm will be on 450 acres and will feature more than 600,000 solar panels.



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