Lamar county board of supervisors moves forward with Lifeguard Ambulance Service

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. - The Lamar County Board of Supervisors went into executive session Monday. The board is moving forward with Lifeguard Ambulance Service (L.A.S) to utilize their ambulance organization and replace ASAP ambulance.

Lamar County Administrator, Jody Waits, said "The board feels like they will do a great job servicing the citizens of Lamar county."

Waits mentioned they are finalizing the 3-year contract to begin soon.

Chief of Operations with L.A.S, Joshua Spencer mentioned they would have three 24 hour ambulances seven days a week.

Two of those ambulances are known as, "ready ambulances" which are fully stocked ambulances ready to go in the event of system overload. Spencer said, "We do have up to 6 ambulances that will be able to respond to any emergency."

He said that L.A.S will create around 35 medical jobs in Lamar county.

Spencer added, "We want to hire the local work force, we want paramedics and the EMT's to come back to Lamar county to work here instead of looking for work elsewhere."

The finalization of paperwork is estimated to take 90 days.

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