Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Laurel, Miss. - The Mississippi Department of Transportation has made the month of May, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and there are several tips that motorcyclists should be aware of.

Pro Flow sales manager, Trevor Boyd said, "Well for first time buyers, there's a motorcycle safety course that you can sign up for. You can go onto motorcycle safety course of Mississippi website and you can sign up and go take that course. It is a good course that teaches good safety tips on defensive riding."

Boyd said motorcyclist should always wear protective gear and a Department of Transportation approved full-faced helmet.

Boyd said "weather would always dictate whether or not you'll need to ride that day. If you got another form of transportation in bad weather, of course you need to take that. Riding at night can be dangerous sometimes."

Motorcyclists are not solely responsible for motorcycle safety. But it's all motorists who are responsible for motorcycle safety.

Boyd said "if you're driving a car, just always remember that people on motorcycles, they're a little bit harder to see. You need to always be aware that there are people on motorcycles out there and to give them space. And that's the main thing people need to remember is that it doesn't matter who's fault it is out there between a car and a motorcycle. The person on the motorcycle is always going to lose."

-This is from the Mississippi Department of Transportation

MDOT offers general tips to drivers on how to prevent a potentially fatal crash with a motorcycle:

· Allow the motorcycle the full width of a lane at all times.

· Always signal when changing lanes or merging with traffic.

· If you see a motorcycle with a signal on, be careful: motorcycle signals are often non-canceling and could have been forgotten. Always ensure that the motorcycle is turning before proceeding.

· Check all mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes or merging with traffic, especially at intersections.

· Always allow more follow distance – three to four seconds – when behind a motorcycle. This gives them more time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.

· Never drive distracted or impaired.

MDOT also offers tips for motorcyclists:

· Wear a DOT-compliant helmet and other protective gear.

· Obey all traffic laws and be properly licensed.

· Use hand and turn signals at every lane change or turn.

· Wear brightly colored clothes and reflective tape to increase visibility.

· Ride in the middle of the lane where you will be more visible to drivers.

· Never ride distracted or impaired.

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