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Two local kids start their own business

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Normally kids after school would do homework and call it a day, but two individuals are doing something else.

Lee Chatman, A&L Car Wash co-owner said, “I mean I’ve always wanted to do a car washing business since I was about 11. I never brought it up to play, but then when my friend Alex who’s a part of this business, he brought the business up and I said yeah let’s go ahead and do it and that’s how it got started.”

Alex Morgan, A&L Car Wash co-owner said, “It’s actually really fun. I mean we wash cars almost every day. We’re just trying to save up for a good college and stay away from drugs.”

Lee said their business started at the end of March.

Lee’s mother, Angela Chatman said,“ I’m very proud of him. It’s letting me know that the work ethic that I’m trying to instill in him is starting to sync-in and I know just by him having this car wash business with his friend Alex is letting me know that his future will be bright.”

The motivation behind this business would make a lot of people proud.

Lee said “I’m in high school right now. So I don’t want to follow bad crowds like people who are in gangs and stuff. I want to keep my life pure and focus on the one and only person who really matters.”

Lee said this car wash is different from most.

Lee said “we make sure we get every single dirt. We try to get the bugs off in everything. We do hand-detailing on the rims. And if you want we’ll give you a free car air freshener and we also vacuum the inside for free.”



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