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Jones county law enforcement support Special Olympic games

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Multiple law enforcement agencies in Jones county ran a mile on Highway 15 to show their support for the Special Olympics games.

The 10 representatives are from the Jones county sheriff's department, Laurel and Ellisville police, and the JCJC campus police department.

Deputy David Moulds said the run is to raise awareness, "Just bring awareness to the public, kind of bringing an eye to what we are doing."

Jones county Public Relations, Allyson Knotts thanked the departments that participated.

"It's a brotherhood that is continuing to support the entire county and an entire nation if you will with Special Olympics" said Knotts.

Special Olympics Area Director, Shauntay Pugh said the public looks to law enforcement as a role model.

Pugh added, "People look to them for security in our communities and they do very positive things in our community...and this is just showing that they are giving back to the people in the community."

The county plans to run a mile every year to support the athletes before the games.



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