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A ride to remember Deen and Tate

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg Cycles and local law enforcement gathered together Saturday to honor fallen Hattiesburg Police Officers, Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate.

Hattiesburg Police Patrol Officer, Lt. Mark Deeny said, "Well everybody is coming out to support the Deen and Tate families, ride motorcycles, and fellowshipping, enjoying the brotherhood."

Law enforcement officers and various people throughout the community rode their motorcycles together up and down multiple towns.

Deeny said "I think it's important not only for their families, but for all families of fallen officers to know that we still are thinking about them. They're still in our thoughts and prayers, and it's just a good way to show it, a good way to come together and fellowship."

Deeny said he thought the experience was great.

"I did. It was my first ride like that. So it was very special to me. Well toward the end, it's kind of emotional because you realized you completed something and there's two officers that won't be able to do that if they wanted to. And it's very emotional for us, said Deeny."

Members of the Forrest County Sheriff's Department, Seminary Police Department, and Mississippi Highway Patrol participated in the event.



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