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HPSD wraps up second interviewing phase for new superintendent

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg Public School District (HPSD) is 10 candidates away from a new superintendent.

The interview process began Thursday and continued into the weekend. The district said it received 31 applications from five different states.

Interim Superintendent Greg Ladner's term ends June 30 and HPSD hopes to fill in the spot by July 1.

After interviewing the 10 candidates, the interviewees will go through a deeper evaluation process.

"They are going to take a smaller group to a second round of interviews, those interviews will be a little more in depth" said Smith.

The district will not only look into the candidates' qualifications and experience, but also into their leadership philosophy.

Smith added, "They will look into some of the plans that they will like to put in place for the district to help it move in the right direction."

The board is replacing James Bacchus, who resigned the superintendent's post in December after informing the board of the district's budget crisis.



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