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New advancements have been made on William Carey's telemedical drone

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - William Carey has been working on a telemedical drone for quite some time and the drone is almost a finished product.

Italo Subbarao, associate dean of pre-clinical sciences said, "We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from folks about the project that we've been doing. But many questions surrounded how would this tool be practically implemented in practice."

The new drone would be beneficial for a victim compared to the last version.

Medical student, Guy Paul Cooper Jr. said, "Our first pill used oral medications. Now we've implemented injectable medications into our current systems. We're working with distances of 3-5 miles within the F.A. parameters of course. But we have projections of 70 miles or greater distances."

If an emergency happened, Subbarao envisions that the 911 dispatcher would contact a drone team and they would fly the drone to the appropriate location, via GPS, to help the victim before ambulances arrive.

Subbarao said "when the kit gets there and the kit opens, there's a medical provider on that back-end. For that to happen, we need to be able to work within the 911 framework to be able to enable the patient or the victim who's receiving the box to be able to communicate with the physician."

Subbarao said him and Cooper will have a demonstration of the drone sometime this summer.



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