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Locals celebrated "National Doughnut Day" by going to Krispy Kreme's

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - “National Doughnut Day” took place Friday and Krispy Kreme’s was packed with various hungry customers.

Krispy Kreme general manager, Matthew Garinger said, "We give away free doughnuts to anyone that comes in. A doughnut of your choice. Obviously the kids love it."

Doughnut lover, Hudson Long said, "Very excited. It's an honor to get free doughnuts."

Doughnut lover, Walker Long said, "I mean who doesn't like free doughnuts. But I'm about to eat like 50 million."

The Salvation Army has a rich history with doughnuts, which is why they formed a partnership with Krispy Kreme's.

Garinger said "’National Doughnut Day’ was actually started by The Salvation Army around 1938. They called them the 'Doughnut Lassies.' It was to commemorate the women who brought doughnuts to the wounded veterans from World War II.”

Both the community and Krispy Kreme's benefited from the day.

"Our mission statement is to touch and enhance lives to the joy that is Krispy Kreme. What greater joy than to give a kid a bunch of free doughnuts. So from a business standpoint, obviously we're giving away a bunch of product. But, I don't think you can put a number on what it does to get involved with the community and give balloons to kids, and see parents come in and just really make the day for the community, said Garinger."



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