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Animal Control urges pet owners to not leave pets inside vehicles

LAUREL, Miss. - Animal Control is urging pet owners to make sure that they do not leave their pets inside vehicles in warm temperatures.

Animal/Mosquito Control Supervisor, Yolanda Powe said, “On a warm day, temperatures in a car can exceed 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. Even with the windows partially open, your pets can suffer brain damage, or die from heat stroke or suffocation.”

Powe said people can tell if pets have been exposed to high temperatures by sings such as: heavy patenting, glazed eyes, and a rapid pulse.

But people should not force pets to drink water.

“It may be kind of an unconsciousness state. It may not want to drink the water. So you don’t want to force it to choke the dog or cat. You want to give it sometime and when it wants to drink the water, it’ll come to the water, said Powe.”

Powe said if people leave their pets inside a vehicle when it’s hot outside, they could face neglect charges.



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