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Wayne county officials cleaning up Chickasawhay River hoping to improve local economy

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - The Chickasawhay River will be crowded this weekend for its 2nd Annual River Race. Although organizations are prepping for its event, officials want to clean up the river in hopes to help the Wayne county economy.

Chairman of the Chickasawhay Paddle Club, Drew Walker said, "It is one of the great rivers here in not in just Mississippi, but in the south for paddle sport recreation."

The race attracts over 100 people and 100% of the proceeds into the race will go towards conserving the natural landmark.

"We want to go forward to promote cleanups on our creeks that feed into the river and really promote a clean county" said Walker.

According to deputies the river is a popular place to camp and leaving trash on sand dunes is a common sight.

Sheriff Jody Ashley said cleaning up the river will help the local economy. "People come here to stay in hotels, spend money in the county" said Sheriff Ashley.

He added, "We want them to use the river." Keeping the river clean is also a main concern for safety.

Wayne county Emergency Management Director Angela Atchison said, "In the event that anything gets caught in their craft of course, you have different types of slip trip and fall hazards."

She further added, "One of those participants may try to lean out of their craft to clear their trash out."

The Wayne county Chickasawhay Paddle Club's goal is to keep the river clean not just for the racers, but for future generations.

Participants are still able to sign up for the River Race this Saturday here.



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