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LPD, active shooter scenario

LAUREL, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department is asking the public to be prepared if the worst case scenario happens.

Laurel Police Officer, Sgt. Shannon Caraway said, "A couple months ago, we ordered some active shooter posters to give out at our schools and our local churches and that's what we have been doing is going around educating the churches and when school starts, teach some of the schools on active shooters on what you should actually be doing if any of this occurs. So it's some good information. It profiles the active shooter and tells you how to respond if you are in the middle of an actual active shooter scenario or event."

The active shooter poster said the first thing a person should do is to run and identify an escape route.

The second thing a person should do is to seek shelter. Once the person finds shelter, the person should turn off the lights, and close and lock all windows and doors.

And as a last resort, and only if a person’s life is in imminent danger, is to fight and incapacitate the shooter.



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