Presidential race coming to an end

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - This election race has been different from years past, but why does that make it more interesting?

Brandon Knight said, "Whereas in normal elections, there's discourse between the two. More so, just name calling and not much actual discussion or debate."

"Trump with the FBI against Hilary. Clinton bringing up the past events and stuff like that," said Leterrious Wright.

With so much conflict surrounding this presidential election, people are not just intrigued, but hopeful that the proper person will succeed.

"A lot of confusion going in. It seems different details come up each day and a lot of the public just really doesn't know who to trust between the two. And it's just real interesting for sure. It's kind of a reality show, but we're locked into it," said Knight.

"I'd say this election will be one of the most tight-close elections we've had in a long time. Because it's going to be a very tight race. But hopefully we get the right president in and we're good with it," said Wright.

Polls are open November 8 in Mississippi from 7-7 p.m.

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