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MS U.S. (R) Senator believes Trump's presidency will increase jobs

PINE BELT, Miss. - United States Senator Republican Roger Wicker from Mississippi said he believes Trump's presidency will increase jobs.

Senator Wicker said, "And so a small business person, who wants to create a job, finds himself having to spend money complying with federal regulations, rather than using those funds, to hiring additional employee or two."

He added, "And that’s the way, we create jobs in America, is in small business, so I think there will be a lighter touch of regulation, I think a lot of the Executive Orders, which I think have been frankly unconstitutional, and illegal I think they will be lifted early on.”

Senator Wicker also supported President-Elect Trump appointing Exxon-Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

He said he supports Trump's choices on his cabinet members, despite the backlash of people saying most of the appointed officials are only wealthy and lack diplomatic and political experience.

“The president himself has been very successful, financially and yet he is willing, to put that aside and work for the people, so I do not mind hiring somebody, who has been successful in private life, it is not a requirement" said Senator Wicker.

He continued, "And certainly, I am not someone, who has been wealthy or ever going to be wealthy, but I certainly do not mind, listening to somebody who has found a way, to create jobs in the private sector.”



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