Southern Miss' baseball team visits children from the Dubard School for Language Disorders

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - A lot of kids got to meet some of their favorite Golden Eagle athletes Thursday.

The Southern Miss baseball team visited children from the Dubard School for Language Disorders.

The team got a chance to see students in their classrooms, and also got to sign some autographs for the kids as well.

Maureen Martin, director of Dubard School for Language Disorders said, "Athletes are looked up to by children and coaches are looked up to by children. And, they really are great role models, and they give our students a lot of encouragement in the work they're doing."

"Being here for four years, you see the progress, and we talked about that. You actually do see these kids learning. I met one kid last year that really wouldn't even talk. And now he's interacting, asking questions. It's awesome just seeing the progress they're making," said outfielder, Dylan Burdeaux.

Head coach, Scott Berry said, "It is fun to sit there and watch these kids progress and how they work hard. We try to just communicate to them that we work hard too. To get to where you want, you have to do that. And, that it can be done. But, you got to put the work in to do it."

The baseball team is having a clinic Saturday morning for people to interact with the team and see them practice.



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