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Grand Theatre adds reclining chairs, beer & wine menu

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Grand Theatre has made some renovations over the last few months that will allow moviegoers to be more comfortable than they were before.

General manager, Garth Keely said, "We are redesigning each auditorium and placing luxury recliners in every auditorium."

Construction has been going on since October.

All 18 auditoriums should be finished by mid-March.

"Really, nothing can beat the size of our screens. But, what we need to do as an industry is bring some of the comforts from home into the cinema experience," said Keely.

Speaking of home comfort, the theater has made a beer and wine menu. Some of those beers are locally brewed from Southern Prohibition Brewing.

"The demand and the popularity of that has grown tremendously. And, come mid-March, we're actually going to be designing a full-service bar in the area where the cafe is currently located," said Keely.

Keely said there's been various positive feedback from the new beer and wine menu, as well as the reclining chairs. And, he hopes that will bring in more customers.



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