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William Carey students return back to campus for Spring Trimester

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - William Carey students returned to campus Monday to attend their first day of classes for the new trimester.

Vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Garry Breland said, "The community's response has been tremendous. We have had lots of friends and neighbors who have offered help and have given help to students and to the university. And, has really made possible what we're doing here today."

Students are back on campus, but still recovering from that EF-3 tornado.

Student, Khaline Jacob said, "It's hard. But, it's cool. It's nice to be back here. This is like my home. It's a bit weird seeing how the school is. But, I guess one step at a time."

"It feels good to be back on campus. But, it's still kind of devastating to see the buildings still being repaired, and still looking at the damage from the tornado," said student, Temera Maxwell.

Student, Madison Newsome said, "It's a little hectic, still getting used to the cutoffs, where we can go, where we can't go. But, it's okay, we're still adjusting."

For some, this was their first tornado experience.

"I'm from Trinidad. And, we don't have tornadoes or anything like that. So, it was my first encounter and it was like a crazy experience. It was mind-blowing to know that that could come within five seconds and just ruin everything. It was kind of heart-breaking too, because this is the only place that I have," said Jacob.

Some have learned a life-lesson from all of this.

"Don't take things for granted because it really hit us hard and we didn't really know something like this can happen. So, just pray," said Newsome.

The College of Osteopathic Medicine and physical therapy programs are still being held at Southern Miss.

The music program is still being held at Hardy Street Baptist Church.



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