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Multiple law enforcement agencies participate in active shooter training

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - Multiple law enforcement agencies across the Pine Belt received hands-on active shooter training Thursday at the Jones County Training Center.

Police and deputies get a close to real life experience when it comes to emergency situations said Major Jamie Tedford with the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

“As the deputies go into these situations we want them to realize that this is real life" said Major Tedford.

He added, "Number one go home at the end of your shift, try to be safe as much as you can. These are actual active scenes, where they go in, and can get shot at and feel that. That is what we want them to experience, the realness of the situation.”

The departments involved: Jones County Sheriff's Department, Laurel Police Department, Jasper and Covington County Sheriff's Department and Jones County Junior College Officers.

Officials said this is the first time these local departments came together to train during an active shooter scenario with the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training group from Louisiana.



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