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Lawmakers discuss House Bill 480, revenue can help MS infrastructure

PINE BELT, Miss. - The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Area Development Partnership (ADP) hosted the second legislative forum Monday morning.

One of the popular topics lawmakers discussed was House Bill 480. The proposed 'Internet Sales Tax' died in the Senate February, however the House is revamping its word usage in hopes it will be approved by the Senate.

House Bill 480 would tax out-of-state online businesses, such as, Amazon. The Senate said the proposal died because its 'unconstitutional' to tax a business that is not physically in the state of Mississippi.

Representatives believe the revenue received can help the state's infrastructure if its approved by the Senate and Governor Phil Bryant.

State Senator Juan Barnett agreed Mississippi's infrastructure needs attention. “And it is also a good thing to help fund our road and bridges that we so desperately need to have repaired in the state of Mississippi" said Senator Barnett.

State Representative Brad Touchstone said the House revamped HB 480's word usage in a constitutional manner that would be approved by the Senate and Supreme Court. It also clarified how the revenue can be useful for Mississippi's infrastructure.

Representative Touchstone hopes the Senate will review the bill in the next coming weeks prior to the session closing.

“If the supreme court revisits that issue then it becomes permissive then those monies will be collected and earmarked for infrastructure, roads and bridges you know things that are needed for our economy" said Rep. Touchstone.



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