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Lawmakers working on education formula

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - During the second legislative forum Monday at the University of Southern Mississippi lawmakers discussed an important topic that concerns parent and their children.

Officials from both the House and Senate said they are working to update the state's outdated education formula. The state's current educational formula is over 20 years old.

Officials said today's funds need to reflect today's needs.

Senator Juan Barnett said, "At least 85% of the state’s funding shall go to teachers, curriculum, and vocational skills, I think we spend to much of our public education monies in administrative places.”

Representative Roun McNeal said, “We have to be innovative, in a way that puts more students, into higher education, puts more students into jobs and workforce training. If we do that then we can spur the economy.”

Both parties hope to review the funding formula before the session is over.



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