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LIFE moves into new building

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The City of Hattiesburg held a ribbon cutting Thursday to celebrate Living Independence for Everyone's (LIFE) new move to 4th Street.

LIFE is a program that is dedicated to empowering and providing resources to people who have disabilities.

Mayor of Hattiesburg, Johnny DuPree said, "We got to make sure that we're not living just for today and we're living for tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going to get older, we pray we get older. Tomorrow we may have a disability. That may be hearing, may be sight, may be physically impaired, and we have to prepare for that."

LIFE hopes this move will allow them to not only come in contact with more disabled people, but to give them all the help they need.

"There's a lot of people that need medical equipment that don't have access to it. Maybe they don't have insurance, maybe they can't afford it. We can help them get that type of equipment. We have what we call a loan closet. Even though it's a loan closet, we actually give equipment to people that can't get it any other way. We offer peer support. There are a ton of services that we provide here that'll make that person with a disability feel whole and independent," said Dwight Owens, Americans with Disabilities Act representative.

LIFE's new location is right by Bell Track and Field.



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