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Repairs continue for water line rupture, boil water issued

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - After an unexpected water spill Tuesday morning Hattiesburg officials issued a boil water notice for parts of the downtown area.

Residents living on north of 4th street, west of Mobile street, south of 42, and east of North 19th avenue have to boil their water before usage.

The request comes after a water line puncture on the intersection of J.D. Randolph and East 7th street.

According to the city railroad contractors attempted to connect communications lines between the cities of Gulfport and Jackson, but instead ruptured the water line.

The city said its still working on repairing parts of the damage. Director of Water and Sewer Department, Chad Frierson said, "We got the water line repaired, water line back in service."

He added, "Right now in the process of repairing the sewer line that was damaged, and fixing another water line that we had to take out of service that we had to make a repair from the 20 inch water main.”

Frierson said the city hopes to lift the boil water notice by Friday.



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