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Pine Belt area high school girls create their own app

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss' Scianna Hall was filled with Pine Belt area high school girls Friday for the first-ever iD 8 Hackathon and STEM innovation conference.

This event is designed to help educate African American high school girls in coding and computer science.

One Laurel High School group is making their own app that promotes self-love in the black community.

Laurel High School student, Brea Smith said, "Me being the complexion that I am, it's kind of hard when you pick up your remote turn on the TV and see someone that's not like you. And it's not just on one program. It's on plenty of programs that you see. So, that kind of hurts a little bit when you're like 'that's what beauty looks like? My skin isn't beautiful?' So, I wanted to make a website like that."

All 50 kids were assigned to create an app that utilizes the power of social media in a positive way.

The event will go on until Saturday where the winners will take their awards back to their respected schools.



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