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Teenager allegedly steals deputy's car, leads authorities on chase

LAMAR COUNTY, MS. - A 16-year-old is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing a deputies car and leading law enforcement agencies on an early morning chase Tuesday on Highway 98.

According to Lamar county Sheriff Danny Rigel a deputy was tending to a trespassing matter with the juvenile's mother.

While the deputy was speaking to the mother, the teen made his way into the drivers seat and took off the with the patrol vehicle.

Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) Spokesman Brent Barfield said, “We had troopers respond from surrounding areas a vehicle was located in the Oak Grove area where a pursuit ensued.”

The juvenile was stopped at the intersection of Highway 98 and 589 near the Bellevue community. Deputies stopped the teen with tire spikes, but he attempted to keep driving towards Columbia until the tire gave out.

Two MHP vehicles received damaged during the pursuit. According to Barfield one MHP officer received the call on the radio.

“He got onto Highway 98 West, he attempted to go into the intersection with his emergency lights and siren on, there were a collision involving a hertz moving van and a mph highway vehicle" said Barfield.

While attempting to stop the teen, another MHP officer was hit by the driver himself.

Barfield said, “During that whole process, the fleeing vehicle, collided with another M-H-P vehicle, as you can see behind my severe damage to that vehicle, luckily that trooper was not injured.”

No injuries were reported. The teenager was taken into custody by Lamar county deputies.

The teen is charged with auto theft, felony eluding, and two counts of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

Barfield said the teen may face possible charges by MHP.



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