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LPD will have its Drug Take Back event this weekend

LAUREL, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department is having its Drug Take Back event Saturday.

This is the 7th consecutive time the department and the DEA has done this, which gives people the opportunity to throw away outdated or unwanted prescription drugs.

Laurel Police Officer, Cpt. Tommy Cox said, "People used to just throw it in the trash and it gets in landfills, in the groundwater, or flush them and it does the same thing. Along with that, you have prescription drug abuse. It's a big thing right now and whether it's on purpose or by mistake, whether you have a drug abuser that gets ahold to these unwanted drugs, whether you have a child that mistakenly or on purpose gets ahold of them, it's just a good idea if you don't need it and to bring it back. It gives you a safe and very easy way to just drop by and give it to us."

Cox said the department has collected between 400-500 lbs of prescription drugs over the last three years of doing this.

Cox also said you can choose to be anonymous if you want to.

The event is from 8-12 p.m.



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