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William Carey has a new volleyball, track and field facility

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - William Carey University unveiled its new Ben Waddle Sports Facility Friday.

This was one of the few buildings on campus that did not receive any damage from the January tornado.

William Carey faculty member, Ben Waddle said, "I'm still working to soak it in. When you never dream of something that's going to happen to you and it happens, then you have to deal with it."

Waddle hopes this new volleyball and track and field facility will bring more success to these programs.

"I was happy that we got a track and I'm blessed we have people to provide it for us. Because at first, we were running on the field, but now we have something to expand our abilities," said track and field athlete, Johnny Trotter III.

The volleyball team played its first season this year and had to play at Temple Baptist Church.

But, now, they have their own building to play in.

"I think we cried the first time because we're finally home. It was really nice and it overwhelmed a couple of us for sure, especially with the tornado and realizing our facility was still here and it didn't get crushed and made it," said volleyball player, Emma Cotney.

William Carey President, Dr. Tommy King said the new facility costs around $3 million, and he can't wait for both teams to start playing at their new home.

King also said the track and field team will host the conference tournament next year at its facility.



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