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Two trailer homes catch on fire

|Caleb Worrell, Jones County Fire Council

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - Saturday afternoon, Sandersville Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a report of multiple trailer homes on fire on Claiborne Road. With that initial information, Sandersville requested the assistance for manpower and water support from surrounding volunteer fire departments, including Rustin, Glade and Powers. Additionally, several participants in the Firefighter 1 class, which was being held at Glade Fire Station, were brought to the scene to assist with manpower and given a real life experience at a structure fire, something for which they are currently in training.

When initial units arrived on scene, they advised that one trailer home was fully involved and another trailer home next to it was beginning to catch fire; two other nearby trailer homes were in danger but had not yet caught fire. Firefighters already on scene and others arriving acted quickly to to protect the two untouched trailer homes, while also extinguishing the other two fire-enveloped trailers. By the time the time the fire was brought under control, the first trailer was mostly burned or collapsed and the second trailer had extensive fire damage. The other two trailers were still intact. Firefighters did an amazing job to protect the two untouched trailers, exemplifying some of the training techniques all Firefighter 1 certified firefighters go through.

It appeared that the trailers were unoccupied and likely abandoned, though they were lined up in a field next to an occupied home. Neither homeowners nor landowners were available to comment on what may have started the fire. The cause is unknown and no injuries were reported at the scene.

Fire apparatus on scene included multiple vehicles from all responding departments, which lined and blocked the roadway at times.



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