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JCJC hosts conference for manufacturing, machining industry leaders

ELLISVILLE, Miss. - Around 45 national and Pine Belt manufacturing and machining industry leaders were at JCJC Friday for the 1st annual Haas Technical Education Center Regional Conference to share ideas on how to grow the industry.

Director of Haas Education, Toni Neary said, “There’s a big push for ‘non-traditional students' in manufacturing. So we’re looking at women, we’re looking at minorities, we’re looking at how we let people see that this is really for everybody.”

Neary believes social media can help with that.

“Often times people say what’s so cool about manufacturing? Through social media, with videos, stories, and photographs, we can connect with those students that maybe don’t know what they want to do for a career field yet,” said Neary.

Neary said Mississippi needs to continue to grow its industry and bring in more workers.

One of the people who attended the conference was Lawrence County High School senior, Jalen Price. And he wants to have a career in CNC milling, and has great ambitions.

“It’ll be pretty high because the more you work harder, the more money you make, and that always helps in life,” said Price.

For Mississippi kids like Price, the Gene Haas Foundation donated over $80,000 to several schools, including JCJC to provide great education for students who want to work in this industry.



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