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3rd graders can receive a free eye exam

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Elementary school children can possibly receive a free eye exam.

Any 3rd grader who did not pass the state mandatory reading test can qualify for a free eye exam with several optometrists in Mississippi, including Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care.

Optometrist, Dr. Megan Sumrall Lott said, "In 2015, whenever the state reading test requirement was out, the results came out in Mississippi and when we saw the passage rate, we realized we needed to step in and do something. Almost every optometrist in the state of Mississippi participates in this program. In 2015, the results that we saw that were in Mississippi that have failed this test, 88% of these children either required eye glasses or some type of vision intervention."

Lott said majority of children who enter kindergarten never had an eye exam before.

She also said children should have their first eye exam between ages 6-12 months.



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