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Dozens of families receive free vegetables

LAUREL, Miss. - The Family Health Center distributed vegetables Thursday to families who are in need as a part of UnitedHealthcare's "Farm to Fork" program.

Community outreach specialist, Danielle Polk said, "It's very beneficial. A lot of our members, a lot of people period don't eat healthy because they can't afford it. That's what we're doing. We want to make sure our members are getting their vegetables."

Polk said there are around 85 UnitedHealthcare members who show up to "Farm to Fork" each time. And they receive a bag of vegetables for every person in the household.

"Being able to see people get vegetables or get what they need to feed their families is a plus for me. I'm always willing to help. And anything I can do to help, I'm willing to do. So, to see these people get this makes me feel good," said Polk.

This a monthly event that happens from May-September.

Polk said the next one will be on July 6.



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