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R3SM requesting financial assistance from city council, board of supervisors

HATTIESBURG, MS. - A long term disaster recovery non-profit organization, R3SM, is requesting financial assistance from city council and Forrest County board of supervisors.

CEO of R3SM, Sheila Varnado said the money will help cover administrative costs.

R3SM is asking Forrest County B.O.S for $25,000 and city council for $50,000. “Paying the salary is critical" said Varnado.

The non-profit organization operates with three full-time employees and works to help residents build their lives after disastrous situations like the deadly E-F3 January tornado.

"The lady who runs the day to day operations, the construction person, the volunteer person, we really cannot be coordinating for the community that partners in the community are looking for (without them)" said Varnado.

Council President Carter Carroll said the council will partially look into the request prior to July 1.

Voted in city council members will begin their term on that date.



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