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William Carey hosts Institute of Health Careers camp

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - More than 50 high school kids from Jackson Public Schools JROTC program is in Hattiesburg this week to visit William Carey University.

For the last four years, Jackson Public Schools JROTC program participates in William Carey's Institute of Health Careers camp where students learn hands-on training skills and have a chance to network with medical professionals.

Col. Fredrick Brown, Callaway High School’s senior Army instructor said, "We designed this program so we can have our kids exposed to all the healthcare, medical professionals so that our students can enhance their skills in the near future. We feel that our kids in the inner city don't get this exposure. Our kids in the near future are going to be competing against a global world. A world where all international students are coming to compete, and they must be prepared."

The last day of this program is Friday.



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